Converging IT and Business

We believe in exploiting the latest technologies and working collaboratively with our clients achieving the best fit between IT and business

Our Methodology

Discovery & Requirement Identification

The Discovery phase involves the gathering of client business and functional requirements to produce a statement of requirements and an initial work effort estimate in man hours. In certain situations, some clients request a prototype which is scoped out and developed at this stage.

Project Management

Our Project Management methodology keeps the client and the delivery team aligned and focused on results. It helps build a partnership between the client and our team by providing collaborative planning, visibility and pro-active risk and issue management.

Design & Development

The Development phase involves the development of technical architecture specifications followed by the design, development and QA testing of the system in a live environment.

Deployment and Delivery

The Deployment & Delivery phase involves the deployment of the final, QA-tested system in its production environment

Post Development Services

We provide complete post development services to our clients and we do support all software we design and deliver on the basis of separate support/maintenance contracts. This generally includes bug-tracking and fixing. Feature enhancements and developments are handled as separate contracts.